Rural Copper Internet services 

One - year Contract ($200 penalty if contract is broken) Services will be billed at regular rate each month. First bill will be prorated from the day of service install through the next billing cycle.

$100 Maintenance Fee (nonrefundable) due the day of application 



Billed monthly



Billed monthly



Billed Monthly

Terms and Conditons

Blossom Telephone Company Customer Service agreement for Internet service.  The person or entity that subscribes to Communication services or purchases or lease equipment. Subject to this agreement. This agreement includes these terms and conditions. We, our, us, BTC and “Blossom” refers to Blossom Telephone Company. Its subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as any other person or entity doing business as Blossom and providing communication service or Equipment to you. Communications services or services means any Telephone Company Equipment or accessories you purchase or lease from us or use in any manner in connection with your service. “Term and conditions “include the following provisions as maintained at BTC office. in which we provided equipment and services to you, such as the length of time will subscribe to service, rate plans, access charges, fees, taxes, and surcharges. Acceptance You accept this agreement when you do any of the following, give us written or electronic sign this document. Term A Fixed term you agree to subscribe to the service for length of time as 12 months starting on ___________________. The service you receive after the end of the term will be provided on a month- to month basis and remain at all the times subject to the terms and conditions. All internet customers will pay a $100.00 one time, fee to cover maintenance and replacement of Blossom Telephone Co. provided equipment. Customer must provide Wireless Router If you terminate or discontinue service by request or nonpayment. You agree to the early termination fee of $200.00. In addition, you remain liable for payment on all outstanding charges for all services you used and equipment you purchased from us prior to termination. User conduct Blossom has a “zero tolerance” policy regarding hacking and attacks. “hacking “id any unauthorized attempt to monitor access or modify computer system information or interference with normal system operations, weather this involves Blossom equipment or any computer system or NetWorth that is accessed through our service to any user, host or network, including mail bombing, ping flooding, broadcast attempts to overload a system to interrupt service. Blossom Telephone Co has the right to discontinue your service if you create virus, worms, trojan attacks. Falsify your email address or identification while using our service Continue to send email to a specific address after Blossom has requested you to stop. Blossom Telephone will have a zero-tolerance policy on using the internet services for unlawful websites or transportation of unlawful images. It is your responsibility to implement and maintain up to date security procedures for your network or system to minimize hacking, attacks, and other related activities. If you fail to do so, you may be responsible for the resulting consequences, Blossom is not responsible for your equipment, hardware or software associated with internet access. I agree to accept the terms and conditions of this service agreement and attached acceptable use policy. Customer Signature____________________________________ Telephone #__________________________________________ Date ________________________________________________