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Blossom Telephone Company Voicemail

Blossom Telephone Companies' voicemail provides digital voice recording and playback for superior quality. It enables up to (9) nine sub-mailboxes per mailbox for each phone number. This means each member of the family can retrieve the messages intended for them. Voicemail is provided free of charge and includes the following features and capabilities:

  • • Check messages remotely

  • • Customized announcements

  • • Stutter dial-tone indicates message waiting

  • • Automatic login from your home

  • • Up to (9) nine sub mailboxes

  • • Call message waiting indicator for equipped phones (both audio and visual)

        • • Call return, (While listening to the message, return the call without having to dial the phone number….just push one button)

  • • Busy Greeting, (The calling party will receive and announcement the you are on the phone, when applicable)

  • • Associated numbers, (more than one number can be associated to a single mailbox)

  • • Distribution lists, (Coaches….Leave a message for the whole team in one minute. Set-up a distribution list at the beginning of season and leave one message at any time to be sent to the whole team!! You can even specify what time you want the message delivered.)

Coming Soon:

  • • Emailed voice messages, (Have a .wav file emailed to you whenever you receive a voicemail.)

  • • Manage, view and delete e-mails from anywhere using windows-based software.