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Blossom Telephone Company - The Dorries Family

The Dorries family's telecom history begins in the early 1930s in Cunningham, TX. W.A. Dorries worked at the Cunningham exchange until moving to Windom, TX and purchasing the telephone exchange there. He eventually sold the Windom exchange to his son CL – also known as “Buck” when he bought Blossom Telephone Company (BTC) in 1952. WA ran BTC until he retired in 1962. At that time, Buck moved to Blossom and became President. WA and his wife Hattie continued to work until the mid 80’s.Buck ran the company until his son CM (Mick) moved to Blossom in 1991. Mick still presides as General Manager, with his sons Clint as Vice-President and Matt as Sr. Technician. In 1990 BTC partnered with ICT Inc., of California to form Lamar County Cellular – the first cellular company in the area. In 2010, Blossom Telephone Company secured a grant/loan from the USDA through the “American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.” The grant/loan will allow BTC to provide high speed wireless service to 198 square miles of unserved territory in Lamar and Red River counties.